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Learn to Speak Hebrew with an Israeli Accent.

Because when you sound more Israeli, people will see you as more Israeli!

Hebrew accent training is about learning the characteristics of the Israeli accent, comparing them with English pronunciation rules (if applicable), and finding out which of our speaking patterns needs to be modified in order for our Hebrew to sound more Israeli.

Our dynamic and personalized sessions teach Hebrew Language Learners to speak Hebrew with an Israeli accent.

Israeli Accent Training is ideal for Professionals who:

  • Speak Hebrew as a second or third language

  • Speak Hebrew, but get handed the English menu at restaurants

  • Speak Hebrew, but want to sound more Israeli

  • Feel that their American accent and speaking style makes them sound less knowledgeable or confident


AccentAccurate Methodology


Schedule a consultation with our accent coach.


Review your linguistic history and outline your goals and objectives.


Schedule your series of training sessions.

Training Series Sessions Goals

  • Learn the pronunciation, stress patterns, and the cadence of the Hebrew language

  • Learn what makes Hebrew sound like it’s spoken with an American (or other) accent

  • Get actionable tips on how to make your Hebrew sound more Israeli

  • Practice Israeli speech patterns when speaking Hebrew.


Meet Naomi Shiloh, MSCCC-SLP

Naomi Shiloh is an American Israeli who grew up in Israel - in an English speaking home. Growing up bilingual, she has always been fascinated by the nuances of language, accent and communication. Naomi received her B.A. in communication disorders from Tel Aviv University and her M.S. in speech-language pathology from Boston University. Naomi is licensed as a speech-language pathologist in Israel, as well as in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Naomi  has specialized training in accent modification and is a lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University.

Why is speaking Hebrew with an Israeli Accent important?

Most  olim want to acquire an Israeli accent for  the following reasons:


AccentAccurate - Online!

AccentAccurate services are now available online! Our online platform has allowed us to expand our geographical reach and provide accent modification training to a wide range of clients from near and far. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual coaching has allowed us to safely serve our clients from the comfort of their home or office.