Is accent modification right for me?

Accent modification, also known as accent reduction or accent neutralization, can be helpful for people who speak English as a second or third language. If people have difficulty understanding you, if you avoid speaking because of your accent, or if you feel that your accent gets in the way of your social and/or professional life, accent modification can help you be better understood by others and speak more confidently.

What is accent modification like?

AccentAccurate offers private coaching, partner coaching, small group coaching, and a seminar series. Each of these services features a combination of presentation, class exercises in speaking and listening, and homework. Homework is a very important part of accent modification! Just as you would practice at home when learning to play the piano, you will be more successful in your accent modification goals when you study and practice outside of class. Private sessions are uniquely tailored to each client's personal and professional goals and needs. Small group coaching is capped at four clients, and seminars have a classroom setting with up to 12 participants.

How well do I need to know English?

Accent modification is best suited for clients speaking at an intermediate level or above in ESL (English as a Second Language) terms. If you are speaking English below an intermediate level, AccentAccurate will recommend you pursue ESL classes to strengthen your English vocabulary, sentence construction, and grammar before beginning accent modification.

How is accent modification different from ESL (English as a Second Language)?

ESL focuses on what we say in English. ESL classes teach vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction, and comprehension of written and spoken language. Accent modification focuses on how we speak. AccentAccurate clients will learn the intonation patterns of North American English, as well as the rules governing production of vowels and consonants.

Can I lose my accent?

Although every client's goals are different, losing an accent is not necessarily the objective of accent modification. Many people feel their accent is part of their identity, and many native English speakers find a mild accent in others to be charming. The goal of accent reduction is to help clients speak without their accent interfering in professional or social relationships. Whatever your goals in accent modification may be, AccentAccurate can help you achieve them. Your dedication and investment in the coaching process is the key to your success!

How long does accent modification take?

Private, partner, and small group coaching packages include 12 weekly sessions. Package extensions are also available for clients who want to continue working on their accent and communication skills after 12 weeks. The seminar series includes 10 weekly 90-minute classes and an accent screening.

How will I remember what I'm taught between lessons?

It is important for clients to attend each weekly session, and it is just as important that clients complete their homework. All coaching packages and seminar series include a set of curriculum materials that are yours to keep. Homework and study/practice outside of class will ensure you remember what you're taught between lessons.

How do I know which program is right for me?

AccentAccurate offers a free consultation so that clients can discuss their concerns, ask questions, and learn about our accent modification services. Once we understand your goals, we can recommend a coaching service or seminar that suits your needs.

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