Accent Reduction Training for Professionals

At AccentAccurate, we provide highly effective accent reduction and cultural communication training programs. We help students and professionals from various language backgrounds improve their communication skills.

AccentAccurate Serves a Wide Range of Professionals

Our cutting edge training will help you communicate with confidence and achieve your educational and professional goals with greater success.

  • Accent Reduction for Professors, Post-doctoral Fellows, Teachers, and Instructors

    Are you a teacher, instructor, or professor who wants to speak more clearly? Accent training can help to eliminate communication barriers so that you are better understood by your students. Learning and practicing the rules of American English pronunciation can help improve the quality of your teaching by enabling you to speak in a manner that is better understood by your colleagues and students.

  • American Accent Training for Physicians, Medical Practitioners, and Nurses

    Studies show that for patients, there can be an added layer of difficulty when communicating with medical professionals who have strong foreign accents. AccentAccurate offers accent reduction training specifically geared towards health care professionals, in order to assist them in communicating more effectively with their colleagues and patients.

  • American Accent Training in the Business World

    Whether you are a CEO, business manager or sales advisor, AccentAccurate has training programs to help you communicate with confidence. Successful communication can improve the way you come across when giving presentations, negotiating with clients, and communicating with colleagues and team members.

  • Accent Reduction Coaching for those Seeking New Jobs and Opportunities

    Effective communication skills are crucial when interviewing for a new job or applying for a promotion. For the non-native speaker looking to advance their career, there is no better time to pursue accent modification training! Whether you’re a college graduate applying for your first job, a student applying for an advanced degree in business or the medical field, or a seasoned professional applying for a promotion, being able to communicate effectively will help you achieve your goal.

  • Accent Reduction Training for Students

    Are you frustrated because you are not as fluent in American English as some of your classmates? The need for clear and intelligible English on campuses is critical as the number of foreign students increases. While many students pass standardized tests of English language proficiency, students with a foreign accent are not always able to communicate with confidence in the classroom. We provide accent reduction coaching to students with heavy accents so that they can be more active participants in the classroom and beyond.

  • Accent Reduction for those planning a move to the US

    Are you a non-native speaker of English, planning to move to the US?  Do you feel like your English instruction lacked focus on accent and pronunciation? If you speak English with a strong or heavy accent, accent modification training can help you learn American English pronunciation and intonation rules so that your speech is clearer to others.                     

Client Testimonials

"…Yesterday I gave a ten minute presentation and asked a friend to record it so that I could hear myself talking, and the difference between yesterday and a talk I gave 6 months ago (and also have on video) is amazing! I highly recommend working with AccentAccurate if you feel like communication is an important part of your work or even if you feel the need for clearer communication in your day to day life.

-Practitioner or Chinese Medicine, Beer Sheva, Israel


Meet Your Accent Reduction Coach,

Naomi Shiloh

Naomi Shiloh, MSCCC-SLP, is a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 25 years of experience. Naomi grew up bilingual and has always been fascinated by the nuances of language, accent and communication. Naomi received her B.S. in communication disorders from Tel Aviv University and her M.S. in speech-language pathology from Boston University. She is nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Israel. Naomi holds a TQUK Level 5 certificate in teaching English as a foreign language and is a lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University. She has specific training in accent modification and is a Preferred Trainer with LDS and Associates.

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