Everyone speaks with an accent!


If English is not your first language, you probably speak English with a non-native accent. If English is your first language and you learn another, you will likely speak your second language with an accent. Even native English speakers have an accent reflective of the region where they learned to speak.


Our era of globalization has provided us with countless opportunities to interact and do business with people whose native language is not our own. After identifying a common language through which  to communicate, one or more of us will likely be speaking with an accent.


Many people find a mild accent charming. An accent reveals our identity and is unique to us and those who share our background. A mild accent can also indicate that we have traveled, or that we speak more than one language. These are assets in today's era!


However, when someone speaks with a stronger accent, it can make it difficult for others to understand their speech. This can greatly impact communication, leading to frustration on the part of the listener as well as the speaker. Miscommunication can lead to avoidance and isolation. It can also result in missed opportunities, socially and professionally.

How is your accent?

Have you declined social or professional events and opportunities to avoid frustration?

Do you feel embarrassed when you speak?

Does your accent interfere with your communication?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, accent modification may be right for you.
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