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Accent Modification for International Professionals

Because You Need to Communicate Well to Do Your Job Well!

Is English your second or third language?

Is your accent holding you back from achieving your goals?

Is your career impacted by a strong foreign accent?

Accent Modification Training ensures listeners focus on what you say, not on how you say it.

Why Accent Modification Training?

A foreign accent can impact the clarity of our speech, resulting in difficulty being understood and communicating effectively with others.  Accent modification training is about learning American English pronunciation rules, and finding out which of our speaking patterns we need to modify in order for our speech to sound less accented.  The goal of any accent modification program is improved communication skills. Our speech therapists are here to find solutions that are right for you.


Cultural Communication Consulting for Confident Communication

Do you find that your attempts to connect with others are less successful than you would like? Communicating in a culture that’s not your native culture can be challenging! What’s considered appropriate and expected in one culture can be perceived as inappropriate or even offensive in another. Cultural communication consulting involves a discussion about one’s native cultural norms within the context of American business culture. Adhering to the American cultural code is important to the success of your social and business interactions.


Accent Reduction Coaching for Companies and Organizations

Are you an HR Professional? AccentAccurate accepts referrals from companies and organizations who have identified a key professional whose performance could be enhanced by accent modification training. We also provide seminars and workshops that are designed to meet the unique needs of each organization. If you’re an HR professional looking to assist an employee with accent modification, or if you’d like to discuss a seminar or workshop that would benefit your organization, please call us!


Why AccentAccurate?

At AccentAccurate, we consider accent modification as an elective service and do not approach it as remediation of a disorder. Our experienced Speech-language pathologists are communication experts who are trained to help individuals overcome communication challenges and improve their communication skills. AccentAccurate offers a range of accent modification programs designed to meet each client’s individual needs. Our Testimonials reflect the positive impact that accent modification has had on our clients’ lives.


Client Testimonials

"…Yesterday I gave a ten minute presentation and asked a friend to record it so that I could hear myself talking, and the difference between yesterday and a talk I gave 6 months ago (and also have on video) is amazing! I highly recommend working with AccentAccurate if you feel like communication is an important part of your work or even if you feel the need for clearer communication in your day to day life.

-Practitioner or Chinese Medicine, Beer Sheva, Israel


AccentAccurate - Online!

AccentAccurate evaluation and training services are now available online! Our online platform has allowed us to expand our geographical reach and provide accent modification training to a wide range of clients from near and far. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual coaching has allowed us to safely serve our clients from the comfort of their home or office.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Accent?

An accent is a variation of speech associated with the phonetic and phonological features of a language. It is different from dialect, which may reflect grammatical, semantic and phonological differences compared with the standardized language. Accent can impact intelligibility and can be perceived as having implications related tor, class, prestige and authority.

What does Accent Modification with AccentAccurate look like?

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) differentiates between segmentals, which are the individual sounds of a language, including consonants and vowels, and suprasegmentals, which are the more prosodic features of speech and that include stress, intonation, pitch, timing/rhythm, and loudness.

An accent modification training program with AccentAccurate includes an assessment of all these areas, and incorporates them in the coaching program if indicated. Following guidelines endorsed by the ASHA, AccentAccurate incorporates a variety of strategies in the accent modification coaching program, including listening and imitating, phonetic training, minimal pair drill, visual aids, practice of vowel production and altering stress patterns, as needed.

How well do I need to know English?

Accent reduction is best suited for clients speaking English at an Intermediate Level ESL (English as a Second Language) or above. Clients who are not yet speaking English at an intermediate level are encouraged to focus on improving their English language skills prior to pursuing accent modification training

Can I lose my accent? Do I want to?

Although every client’s goals are different, losing an accent is not necessarily the objective of accent coaching. Many people feel their accent is part of their identity, and many native English speakers find a mild accent in others to be charming. The goal in accent modification training is to help clients speak without their accent interfering in professional or social relationships. Whatever your goals in accent modification may be, AccentAccurate can help you achieve them. Your dedication and investment in the coaching process is the key to your success.

Who are AccentAccurate’s clients?

Clients who seek accent modification training through AccentAccurate typically speak English well, but find that their accent is holding them back. Our clients include professionals from a variety of fields and industries such as Academia, Medicine, and Business who must communicate effectively in order to do their jobs well. Clients also seek our services when they are in the process of starting their own business, applying for a promotion or a new job, or pursuing graduate level education/advanced training.

How do I suggest accent coaching to a friend or colleague?

  • Begin by asking general and open-ended questions about the person’s experience communicating with English speakers.

  • Share a story about someone you know who has benefited from American accent training.

  • Offer support: communicating in a language that’s not one’s native language is never easy!

  • Be mindful of when and where you bring up the topic. Be sensitive, and respect the other person’s privacy.

  • Acknowledge that a referral may not be right for them, but offer to pass on contact information if interested.

What can I expect from Accent Modification Coaching with AccentAccurate?

AccentAccurate specialists offer highly individualized training that’s tailored to each client’s unique needs. Most of our clients have found our 12-week accent training program to be the most beneficial. However, some clients opt to extend their coaching, and others prefer to start with a shorter program. While everyone’s rate of progress is different, consistent attendance and ongoing practice between sessions are vital to the success of the accent training program.